At 29 Baby Fever is Allowed

One thing that really grinds my gears is that every time I say I want children people quickly reply, “Don’t rush it.” Every time I hear that statement I want to roll my eyes and say, “Seriously?!? I’m 29. Say what you want but I don’t feel that there is anything wrong with an adult, male or female expressing their desire to procreate. It’s a human and natural thing but today’s society acts like it’s a crime. Maybe I’m wrong but if a sexually active adult has made it this far without ever being or getting someone pregnant they aren’t rushing. Also, people need to realize that there is a difference between desire and acting on a feeling.

Every time someone refutes my desire to have children I feel that they are suppressing my right both as a woman and human being. If I said I wanted to do anything regarding solely self (i.e. career move, relocation, buying a house, etc.,) people would cheer me on, encourage me, or express a level of empathy. However, when it comes to things outside of self such marriage and children, they encourage you to hold off like it’s the plague. My theory is that our society has no true sense of family and is highly narcissistic. Children today are often reduced to an additional cost expense and stressor. While I don’t disagree that these are very important factors and not to be taken lightly those are not reasons to discourage full grown adults from wanting and anticipating parenthood.

With that said, those who feel the need to jump in every time you hear a full, grown, adult mention wanting babies, DON’T!!! If no one asked your opinion keep it to yourself. Everything doesn’t require a response. Sometimes people want to get what’s inside of them out and there’s nothing wrong with that. Also, think about who you’re talking to. If they have been proven to be responsible and are over 25 chances are that they know not to have a kid by the seat of their pants, don’t insult their intelligence. Lastly, there is a difference between a desire and an act. People are allowed to want things in their life and if they did decide to act, it would be none of your business… Guess I felt some type of way when I wrote this LOL