Why I Wear My Natural Hair

“Ooh girl I can’t go natural, my hair is way too nappy…” Every time I hear a sista make this statement, I want to scream. Usually these women can smooth their edges down with a little hair gel and have wisps of baby curls on the back of their necks. Once I make these observations, my brain goes to my own hair. It’s thick, course, and has broken plenty of combs and brushes (pours a little wine out for my lost homies LOL). Next, I’m not going to lie, I begin to judge you LOL. Now just to be clear I believe that each person has a right to wear his or her hair however they choose. If you wear a relaxer I’m not angry at you; heck, 4 years ago I was one of you. What I am bothered by is your excuse. I’d rather hear you say “This is what works for me,” or “This is just what I want to do,” than hear you blame your natural hair texture.

I decided to go natural after all of my hair broke off. Prior to that I would have my hair relaxed every 6-8 weeks because my hair was “way too nappy.” The problem with that was that my hair was also way too processed. About once every 2 years my hair would get into a funky mood and just break and thin out. When this would happen I would just take about 3 months off and go back to my beloved “creamy crack.”  The first time I wore my hair in its natural state, I relaxed it 8 months in and I immediately regretted it. Firstly, the friend who relaxed it for me didn’t pull the relaxer through all of the new growth. As a result my hair was straight on the ends (I transitioned), puffy in the middle, and bone straight at the roots. I went straight to the beauty supply, bought an afro puff drawstring ponytail and never looked back.

Since going natural I have had ups and downs with my hair. Sometimes I wish I could just wear a wrap and go on about my day. While other days I relish in compliments men specifically give my hair. My Natural hair introduced me to a power that I didn’t know I possessed. It connected me to my culture and helped me to reclaim pride in myself exactly the way that God gave me. My “nappy” hair is a beautiful thing not a burden, so is yours. I am pro natural hair and encourage others to give it a try.  As cliché as it sounds, going natural helped me tremendously with being comfortable in my own skin.

One thought on “Why I Wear My Natural Hair

  1. I can relate to this in so many ways; in particular your last comment in which you state that wearing your natural hair has made you more comfortable in your own skin. That has been my experience as well.

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