Privacy is a Right Not a Friendship Ender

So recently I had a conversation with someone about friendships and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m confused. I was told that if someone is really your friend they are entitled to know you business and be included in major events. If said friend is not invited you don’t value them and should be prepared  to deal with the backlash of their reaction to not being made aware of or included in events such as marriages, weddings, pregnancies,  job changes, etc,. (Screeching record… blank stare). WHY THE EFF IS EVERYBODY ALWAYS FEELING ENTITLED ABOUT SOMETHING, ESPECIALLY THINGS THAT ARE LEGIT NOT THEIR BUSINESS?!?

Now don’t get me wrong I love all of my friends and I am pretty much an open book. However, the idea that I am wronging you because I choose to keep any form of a personal matter to myself for however long I deem appropriate is absolutely maddening to me. If my fiancé (law of attraction working here lol) only has 3 best friends and my sisters and favorite cousin are my first picks I’m wrong if I don’t make him find more males to accommodate my friends? If perhaps I happened to get pregnant and struggled with the fact that I was and needed time to process it myself before telling anyone, I’m in error? If I had been planning on relocating and I didn’t tell my friends until I had finished my research and secured a new job, I withheld information? WHAT THE EFF HAPPENED TO PRIVACY?!? Many people keep many things to themselves for various reasons, fear, embarrassment, pride, they aren’t ready to face it, or they just want to. Why should that be a testament of whether or not they value the relationship?

Once years ago I got in to an argument with a friend because I didn’t share some information with them as soon as they felt I should have. They felt that usually I told them everything so this situation should not have been any different. We hashed the situation out and I still share most of my thoughts with her but, if I’m honest, there have been times I struggled with that. Maybe it’s the rebellious side of me, but when in your friendship and you’re making decisions about what to do with your business based on how other feel about it, that’s a problem.  On the flip side when you measure your friends love for you based upon them owing you to tell them their business that’s a problem too. What I share with my friends is out of love, trust, and desire not obligation. I share because I want to. Thoughts???

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