Today Was A Rough Day

Woo chile, when I tell you I have been tried… I HAVE BEEN TRIED!!!


As I talk and share with each of you about thinking positive and having a positive mindset, I’m learning myself. I won’t go into detail about the day’s events because I don’t need y’all to know me like that LOL. I will however, paint the picture. Imagine wearing a white dress and someone bringing you a big plate of messy aye-ess-ess barbeque. You quickly tell them you aren’t hungry and they insist you at lease take a doggy bag. The food isn’t desirable because your dress is gorgeous but you can live with the doggy bag. Problem solved. Except, your sticky fingered little cousin that loves you so much come charging at you, quickly you grab them by the wrist and gently give them an air kiss before redirecting them to someone else. Finally, you have a sigh relief and take a sip of water only to spill a little in your lap. Highly over “Operation: Protect the Dress” you take it off and wear something else. The dress isn’t ruined but you’re slightly inconvenienced and exhausted from the efforts you had to go through for the dress.

The dress symbolized my sanity today. I held on to it by a thin thread but it’s still intact. I constantly had to remind myself that even in the midst of the chaos God is completely in control and things will be just fine. I will be honest though; a thug dropped 7.5 silent gangsta tears LOL. Being truthful with myself the tears were necessary. Having a positive mindset doesn’t mean you won’t or can’t have “breakdown moments.” Crying is healthy and is a stress reliever, but we don’t stay in that space. Having a positive mindset means recognizing the challenge(S) you facing are temporary, knowing that things will get better, and moving forward from there. By early evening I felt like a wounded zebra trying to escape hungry hyenas. After releasing and holding on to positive thought I’ve managed to end my day with laughter with my loved ones and inspiration to share with you.

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